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If you don't love the videos or for whatever reason you want to cancel your membership to the All Access Pass inside of Campfire Guitar Star, you can anytime by emailing will@campfireguitarstar.com or through anyone of our contact forms on our site and just ask for a refund.

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What People Are Saying About "The All Access Pass"...

"Let me tell you how much I am learning and how amazing Mike is as an instructor. I mean he really knows how to break shit down so someone like me (a bit older) can really grasp the concepts. Everyone in my family has noticed the improvements in noise emanating from my room at night. It is much more bearable and, dare I say, musical." -Craig K, Florida

"U R the teacher for me - Nothin against the others out there, but you just come across so much easier & educate me faster than any others I've come across. "RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT" TOTAL AWESOMENESS

"I love the lessons so far, I have learned more then from another online lesson site I have subscribed to and have had a lot more fun doing it your way." -Trevor M, Montana