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Pay $1 for your 30-day trial and then it's $19/mo. 60 day guarantee. Cancel anytime You'll get our entire lesson library and access to weekly, live lessons. Also our book as a welcoming gift!


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60-day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't love the videos or for whatever reason you want to cancel your membership to the All Access Pass inside of Campfire Guitar Star, you can anytime by emailing will@campfireguitarstar.com or through anyone of our contact forms on our site and just ask for a refund.

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What People Are Saying About "The All Access Pass"...

"I want to say that Will Ripley has done a fantastic job. His pleasant and focused style of teaching, along with a progressive expansion on techniques and themes throughout the sessions made this course a pleasure to follow - nice work Will! - BluesPage

"I always wanted to learn to play the guitar but got lost in all the notes, tuning, etc, until your videos became known to me. I am no Eddie Van Halen but your method is "SPOT ON" for someone like me. It hit my brain with such ease and now I fly up and down the neck, play power cords and make up my own stuff. All I can say is your method does work and I love it. I just hope more people can benefit from it. Keep up the good work and your method works. Great Job." - Chuck

"I feel great with my progress with the lessons I just purchased! Thank you so much for the way you teach. I am 62 years old and just want to learn how to play for my own enjoyment. I feel like I will finally be able to learn to do that at my own pace per my life schedule. I am so very grateful!! Thank you!" - Linda R

"I really like the structure of the course and how its broken down to get a full understanding of it Money well spent - Shane P"